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Pool 3D Training Edition 1.598

Pool 3D Training Edition is a unique 3D billiard game simulator that lets you improve your billiard gaming skills effectively by learning game physics on a PC. Just imagine you do not need to pay for a physical table or for a private teacher each time you just want to learn or practice! Practice on your PC every day and pay for a table only when you want to prove your new skills or play with your friends! Pool 3D Training Edition simulates the real world on your PC using the same gravitational force and acceleration, frictional force and air drag as in the real life. It supports the real billiard-related things such as cue strike at any angle including the vertical strike, forward, backward and side ball spin, sliding and natural roll, energy loss when a ball hits the cushions. A ball can be struck at any point to achieve a side spin making the ball to move by curve. Strength of strike can be achieved by speed of mouse movement just like you strike a real ball with the real cue. In short, you will not find any difference between the real and the virtual game. The user interface of the game is easy-to-use. To control the game you only need to use the mouse and a couple of keys on the keyboard. The point of view can be moved in any direction, at any angle and at any time even right after a strike to watch the details of the current ball movement. You can view a part of the table very closely or glance at the table from the height of bird flight. Pool 3D Training Edition offers you an excellent 3D graphics that meets the requirements of the pickiest user. Nicely designed interiors of the game rooms add the fun to the game. You can see the light and shadows behind all objects in the rooms. The 3D game engine uses the advantages of modern video accelerators although can normally operate on an old and slow equipment. Try our 3D board games, free downloads.

Developer: Ixis Ltd

Download size: 1930 KB

License: Shareware, $20 to buy

Free download of Pool 3D Training Edition 1.598

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