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Abandoned Well 1.15

After the interplanetary nuclear war, many planets laid in ruins polluted with nuclear waste. In state of total energetic crisis, people found a way to use the waste as fuel to their space ships. Countless space ships wandered from planet to planet searching for fuel. According to a legend, there was a tremendous resource of nuclear fuel in the interior of a planet. This place was named Abandoned Well. In search of Abandoned Well, your space ship landed on one of a suburban planet. The onboard sensors detected large beds of nuclear waste on a continent of the planet. Your task is to consume nuclear fuel from all dungeons. Be careful, monsters-mutants are guarding the waste and can damage the pipeline. Protect the pipeline from monsters by studying mutants' habits, swallowing or avoiding them. Process mining until the whole continent is cleared from the waste. Be the first in Abandoned Well!

Developer: Realore Studios

Download size: 6198 KB

License: Shareware, $19.95 to buy

Free download of Abandoned Well 1.15 Buy now!

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