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Dig McDug

Dig McDug is a superb game for all arcade lovers. If you are a game gourmet with hunger of some old-fashioned fun, this game has amazing strong vintage flavor to it, which instantly returns you back into the days of retro gaming.

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Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot

15 Classic Slide Puzzle - 15 classic slide puzzle comes back!
15 Classic Slide Puzzle 2.9

 15 slide puzzle is freeware recalling the popular game. The puzzle consists of a box with 15 numbered tiles that can be slid around to be arranged from 1 to 15.There is the option of turning on simple sound effects and using different color schemes.

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Same - Next Generation - Remake of the famous Same game.
Same - Next Generation 1.00

 Same - Next Generation is a remake of the famous Same game with many addons such as unlimited undos, taking snapshot, colorful backgrounds and different ball layouts.

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FindSame 1.63

 The goal of FindSame is to earn as many points as you can by removing paires of the similar tiles from the board. For earning points you need to select one tile and after that to select tile with similar picture. This pair will desappeare.

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Magic Gem - Magic Gem is an incredible logic arcade game.
Magic Gem 1.0

 Magic Gem challenges logic and arcade action fans to match three or more gems of the same color as they rain from the sky and collect at the bottom of the screen.

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Foxy Jumper 2 - Sequel to the popular arcade.
Foxy Jumper 2 1.5

 Foxy Jumper 2 - the long awaited sequel to the popular arcade featuring a fox cub that couldn't stop jumping. The objective is still the same (get to the door), but it's not as easy as in the first game.

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Digger Adventures - Drive a bulldozer, clear obstacles.
Digger Adventures 3.4

 Are you one of Digger fans who can pass the game even without looking at the screen? Check our new Digger Adventures! The concept is the same, but all the levels are new! Now, it?s much more fun! Both children and adults will be wowed!

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Snowy: Puzzle Islands - It's the same lovable Showy again!
Snowy: Puzzle Islands 1.0

 Play our new brain-teaser game stuffed with challenging levels, fascinating game objects and featuring, who else, Snowy the Little Bear!!! Actually, in Puzzle Islands you'll have plenty to think about - conveyors, keys, teleports and other challenges

Related keywords: alawar, snowy, entertainment, islands, puzzle, advanced, game, classic, aliasworlds, remake, logic

Aqua Bubble 1.1

 Save Aquatic's cave from the bubbles invasion! The aim is to put three or more aqua bubbles of the same color together so that they burst and disappear from the cave. Shoot congestions of aqua bubbles neatly. Be fast! Be keen! Be the saviour!

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Falls Pack - Puzzle game like Super Collapse or Same Game
Falls Pack 3.01

 Addictive puzzle game like Super Collapse or Same Game. Play in five different levels. This is a step-by-step puzzle game, but - paradox! - thinking is unnecessary in the majority of cases, just play the game! Ease, ease and once again ease - enjoy!

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Areal - remove tiles of the same color by a click
Areal 2.04.0262

 Aim of the game is to receive as many points as you can by removing as many tiles of the same color as possible by a single mouse click. The remaining tiles are filling the gaps. The more tiles you remove with a single mouse click the more points!

Related keywords: educational, Areal, tiles, kids, puzzle, click, game, pieces

Lines Deluxe - Align five balls into lines of the same color
Lines Deluxe 1.0

 Lines Deluxe is a take on the classic Lines game. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by moving the balls on the game board. Aligning five balls of the same color lines, will wipe them off the board and you will score points.

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Gold Sprinter - Wonderful lode Runner remake.
Gold Sprinter 1.84

 This game is a remake of the classical arcade game LodeRunner. The core gameplay remains the same: Gold Sprinter runs around a level, gathering gold and staying away from monsters. The player can dig holes to trap monsters. Collect all gold to win!

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Bubble Ice Age - Have fun - be a keen shooter of ice bubbles!
Bubble Ice Age 1.1

 Hot shot for kids and adults! Shoot three or more ice bubbles of the same color to blow them up and remove from the playing field. If you are a keen shooter, you will clear the whole playing field and win!

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SolSuite 2006 - Solitaire Card Games - SolSuite 2008 - Solitaire Card Games Suite
SolSuite 2006 - Solitaire Card Games 8.1

 SolSuite 2008 is a high-quality collection of 480 different Solitaire Card Games. Never play the same game twice as each Solitaire has more than 9 trillion (9,999,999,999,999) possibilities.

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SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - 3D, network, AI
SeaWar: The Battleship 2 2.5

 SeaWar: The Battles 2.5 - take part in unforgettable sea battles! There are four game arenas that range from Corsairs Era to futuristic battles on the Supernova. Play against a human on the same computer, over LAN or by worldwide Internet!

Related keywords: network, strategy, head-to-head, free, internet, battleship, demo, AI, game, download, 3d

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