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Dig McDug

Dig McDug is a superb game for all arcade lovers. If you are a game gourmet with hunger of some old-fashioned fun, this game has amazing strong vintage flavor to it, which instantly returns you back into the days of retro gaming.

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Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot

Revenge of the Chicken - You should have become a vegetarian.
Revenge of the Chicken 1.0

 Have you eaten poultry recently? If so, you will be shocked and dismayed by Revenge of the Chicken - a new addictive shooter spoof from Alawar. Warning! The game is rated EF - extreme fun!

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Magic Gem - Magic Gem is an incredible logic arcade game.
Magic Gem 1.0

 Magic Gem challenges logic and arcade action fans to match three or more gems of the same color as they rain from the sky and collect at the bottom of the screen.

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Foxy Jumper 2 - Sequel to the popular arcade.
Foxy Jumper 2 1.5

 Foxy Jumper 2 - the long awaited sequel to the popular arcade featuring a fox cub that couldn't stop jumping. The objective is still the same (get to the door), but it's not as easy as in the first game.

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Pharaoh's Arrows - Solve the mysteries of ancient temples!
Pharaoh's Arrows 1.0

 It is believed that only one person in the whole world can solve Pharaoh's Arrows Puzzle. It's high time to see what you worth. Build rows of three or more one-way directed arrows of one color to delete them.

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Hyperspace Invader - New arcade space shooter.
Hyperspace Invader 2.0

 In Hyperspace Invader, a new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the galaxy to deliver a devastating final blow.

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Digger Adventures - Drive a bulldozer, clear obstacles.
Digger Adventures 3.4

 Are you one of Digger fans who can pass the game even without looking at the screen? Check our new Digger Adventures! The concept is the same, but all the levels are new! Now, it?s much more fun! Both children and adults will be wowed!

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Bistro Stars 1.1

 Bistro Stars combines gaming and snacking into one mouthwatering experience. Although you can't eat what's on the screen, you'll be smacking your lips as you match up food items in the delectable new action-puzzle offering.

Related keywords: alawar, games, stars, entertainment, puzzle, advanced, game, bistro, classic, remake

PacRush - Absorbing game based on the pacman concept.
PacRush 1.42

 Fans of classical arcade games may rejoice! Pacrush is a truly absorbing game based on the pacman concept featuring a nice guy who explores new worlds as he gathers golden dots and escapes from funny monsters that inhabit 3D mazes.

Related keywords: alawar, pacmania, games, entertainment, advanced, game, classic, remake, pacrush

Froggy's Adventures - New arcade adventure!
Froggy's Adventures 1.1

 He can blow bubbles that can trap the trespassers and collect powerups that grant him special abilities. All that work makes our hero hungry, so watch for the candy bonuses that appear when you beat a level quickly. Can you help Froggy save the day?

Related keywords: alawar, games, adventure, entertainment, advanced, froggy, game, classic, remake, arcade

Action Ball Deluxe - A terrific breakout action game.
Action Ball Deluxe 1.1

 Check out our new block-smashing game with a twist!

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Beads - You wont be able to tear yourself away!
Beads 1.0

 This endless game is a marvelous example of a puzzle, which is promising to become one of the best time-killers of this year. Combine at least three beads of the same color in a line and they will vanish freeing some space for new beads to drop.

Related keywords: alawar, games, entertainment, puzzle, advanced, game, beads, classic, remake, logic

Fairy Words - Become a Magician in English!
Fairy Words 1.0

 Test your general knowledge of English language in a breath-taking battle. Pick out the letters from the game board in the order they are used in the word. Use the ABC to create valid words and gain powerful magic to move on to the next level.

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Carl the Caveman - Help Carl solve puzzles!
Carl the Caveman 1.2

 Giant mushrooms and treasure chests are ripe for the picking, but Carl can't gather them on his own. Can you guide him through each level - pushing rocks and smashing crates along the way?

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Strike Ball 2 Deluxe - Enjoy new Arkanoid addiction!
Strike Ball 2 Deluxe 2.15

 From the creators of the award-winning Strike Ball comes its stunning sequel! Strike Ball 2 is better and more fun than the original hit. Everything you enjoyed about the first game is back along with new features that will knock your socks off!

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Time Breaker - New standard in Arkanoid games!
Time Breaker 2.1

 Timebreaker offers a collection of unique bonuses, including a gravity power-up that gives you control of where the ball goes and a helper droid who?s as cute as he is useful.

Related keywords: alawar, games, arkanoid, breaker, time, entertainment, advanced, game, classic, remake

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