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Dig McDug

Dig McDug is a superb game for all arcade lovers. If you are a game gourmet with hunger of some old-fashioned fun, this game has amazing strong vintage flavor to it, which instantly returns you back into the days of retro gaming.

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Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot

Crazy Eights Deluxe - Crazy Eights Deluxe is a classic card game.
Crazy Eights Deluxe 1.8

 Crazy Eights Deluxe is a classic card game for the whole family. And is the basis for the popular game of Uno. Designed to teach the game to the beginning player, and as a challenging game for the more experienced player.

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Jezzball Deluxe 1.5

 Here is a new exciting game called Jezzball Deluxe. This is a totally new kind of a remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix game.

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Deluxe Ski Jump 3 - An addictive 3D ski jumping game
Deluxe Ski Jump 3 1.6.1

 Deluxe Ski Jump 3 is an addictive 3D ski jumping. Compete at 32 unique hills in the world cup or team cup events with your friends or online. Successful playing requires a steady mouse hand, quick reflexes and ability to fully utilize the air flows.

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Solid Spheres Deluxe 1.5

 Solid Spheres Deluxe is an award winning addictive puzzle game with a twist. Work your way through 85 levels of pure puzzling fun as you try and clear the board of all the spheres.

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Lines Deluxe - Terrific new remake of the classic Lines game
Lines Deluxe 1.0

 Lines Deluxe is a terrific colorful remake of the old classic Lines game. This new version is literally full of life! The balls on the field interact with the player while numerous cool bonus features make the playing experience exciting and fun!

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Lines Deluxe - Align five balls into lines of the same color
Lines Deluxe 1.0

 Lines Deluxe is a take on the classic Lines game. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by moving the balls on the game board. Aligning five balls of the same color lines, will wipe them off the board and you will score points.

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Sky Bubbles Deluxe - Save the blessed country of Tir-O-Ding.
Sky Bubbles Deluxe 1.12

 Save the blessed country of Tir-O-Ding, pit your strength against the evil wizard Caralight, rescue the innocent souls imprisoned in fragile bubbles by arranging them in lines of three.

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Action Ball Deluxe - A terrific breakout action game.
Action Ball Deluxe 1.1

 Check out our new block-smashing game with a twist!

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Ice Puzzle Deluxe - New puzzle game sensation!
Ice Puzzle Deluxe 2.0

 Summer is over and winter is here, replacing popsicles and cool dips in the swimming pool with snowball fights and frosty mornings.

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DiceDeluxe 1.4

 DiceDeluxe is a good-looking dice game with yahtzee rules designed to be attractive and easy to play. Features support for 1 up to 6 players at the same time, hints, average count and undo functionality to help you play, sounds and saved highscores.

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Rotate Mania Deluxe - Rotate the figures until you feel dizzy!
Rotate Mania Deluxe 1.0

 Rotate Mania Deluxe is the latest version of Rotate Mania game, a puzzle based on the mix of Tetris, Clickomania and Collapse games. Two game modes(strategy and arcade game) are designed to please players preferring both moderate and high game paces.

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Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition - Strategy Game of Empire's Latest Evolution
Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition 4.000

 Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition is the latest evolution of the Empire Series. With it's over 30 year history, the classic "4-X" game of abstract strategic conquest, maneuver and control now adds additional units and rules, and is modifiable.

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Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe - Asteroid shooter space game for Windows XP
Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe 2.1

 Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe is an asteroid shooter arcade game for your windows XP computer. It uses 3D graphics, and requires microsoft directx 9.0. There's a lot more here than the basic asteroids game -- lots of cool powerups and weird aliens to defeat

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The prodigious Escapee Deluxe Edition 1.52

 The Prodigious Escapee Deluxe EDITION ( Vr 1.52 ) is a non-violent ,fun & exciting puzzle game with 80 levels, a happy & cute theme music, and a level editor.

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Spacefire - Spacefire Deluxe is an arcade shooter.
Spacefire 1.92

 Spacefire Deluxe is an arcade shooter. Enter a universe of hostile aliens, blast your way through four missions, dozens of levels, and thousands of bad guys. You'll face hordes of light-armed frigates and tiny saucers with huge rocket launchers.

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