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Dig McDug

Dig McDug is a superb game for all arcade lovers. If you are a game gourmet with hunger of some old-fashioned fun, this game has amazing strong vintage flavor to it, which instantly returns you back into the days of retro gaming.

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Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot Dig McDug Screenshot

Crusaders Of Space: Open Range - We should start a search for a new hero!
Crusaders Of Space: Open Range 1.1

 Some games scare you, some entertain. This 'kick-ass-take-no-prisoners' shooter won't leave you any time to feel anything but 100% pure adrenaline rush. Buckle-up, because turbulence is right ahead.

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Light Rangers: Mending The Maniac Madness - Action-packed fun for the whole family.
Light Rangers: Mending The Maniac Madness 1.0

 Play the role of Angel, Amos and A.J. in the action-packed adventures of the Light Rangers, ordinary kids who are transformed by the power of God's Word. Hours of action-packed, arcade style fun for the whole family. Publisher: Digital Praise.

Related keywords: kids, game, christian

15 Classic Slide Puzzle - 15 classic slide puzzle comes back!
15 Classic Slide Puzzle 2.9

 15 slide puzzle is freeware recalling the popular game. The puzzle consists of a box with 15 numbered tiles that can be slid around to be arranged from 1 to 15.There is the option of turning on simple sound effects and using different color schemes.

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Starship Ranger - New 3d cosmic super hit of intergalactic war
Starship Ranger 1.97

 Your Matherplanet is suffered from invaders - extraterrestrials. Enemy aircrafts bomb the Earth. You are the last hope of the terrestrials. The best starship is prepared and well equipped. Don't lose the time, good luck!

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Jigsaw Fun: Colin the Coin Edition 1.0

 Jigsaw Fun: Colin the Coin Edition features 25 different jigsaw puzzles which are suitable for children of all ages, a range of different puzzle sizes and a choice of music tracks to play from the Colin the Coin games

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Zaxxoids - Combines puzzles with fast-paced action.
Zaxxoids (Trial Version)

 Zaxxoids is an original realtime puzzle game with over 120 levels of varying difficulty. The player rearranges the playing field to direct pieces as they fall, grouping pieces of similar colors to eliminate them and advance to the next level.

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Ally's Adventure Through the Glass - Ally and her cat in a fun fantasy adventure.
Ally's Adventure Through the Glass 4.0

 When 7 year old Ally follows her cat Through the Glass she begins a strange fantasy adventure. Loosely based on Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass story, the game has beautiful graphics and lots of fun puzzles for all ages.

Related keywords: game, wonderland, Lewis Carroll, fun, magic, kids, Adventure, fantasy, lateral thinking, puzzles, Carroll, Lewis, lateral, thinking

SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - 3D, network, AI
SeaWar: The Battleship 2 2.5

 SeaWar: The Battles 2.5 - take part in unforgettable sea battles! There are four game arenas that range from Corsairs Era to futuristic battles on the Supernova. Play against a human on the same computer, over LAN or by worldwide Internet!

Related keywords: network, internet, download, strategy, head-to-head, free, battleship, demo, AI, game, 3d

Poker Mavens - Texas Hold'em poker game for Windows
Poker Mavens 1.11

 Poker Mavens is Texas Hold'em poker software that lets both friends and strangers play against each other over the Internet or home network. The software comes in two parts: a free Client Module that each player uses plus a Server Module.

Related keywords: hold'em, network, poker, server, internet, texas hold'em, card game, card, texas, game

3D Reversi Deluxe - Reversi (Othello) as it should be.
3D Reversi Deluxe 2.0

 Reversi (Othello) as it should be.Beautiful 3D graphics, a huge range of computer opponents for all skill levels, online multiplayer play, replays, league and ladder competitions, and much more.

Related keywords: reversi, multiplayer, othello, 3d

xStack4 for Pocket PC - Play four-in-row games on your Pocket PC
xStack4 for Pocket PC 1.1

 Play 4 games: Stack4 (Connect 4), Stack 4x4, Connectris and Anti-Stack 4 on your Pocket PC.The goal of the games is to arrange four stone in a row. For anti-games goal is to force enemy create four stone in a row.

Related keywords: 4, game, connectris, Stack 4, abstract game, strategy game, anti-stack 4, board game, stack4x4, connect 4, anti-stack, Stack, abstract, strategy, connect, board

Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition - An exciting word game with an RPG-like theme.
Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition 2.00

 Fight your way through dungeons of creatures by using your wit to arrange letters to create magic words. Find treasure, battle dragons, and share your exploits with people across the world with the global scoring system.

Related keywords: rtsoft, dink, word, strategy, robinson, text, rpg, scrabble, puzzle, smallwood, seth

Super Cubes - Great new colorful and addictive puzzle game!
Super Cubes 1.1

 A naughty kid left a heap of colorful cubes on the floor and your job is to clean up the mess now. To do that you will have to arrange them in a certain order. There are a number of bonus features to help you. Warning: the game’s extremely addictive!

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MagicBoard - Computer 15 puzzle game.
MagicBoard 1.01

 Computer 15 puzzle game. The level of difficulty ranges from 3x4 to 6x8, you can import your own game gallery. Its intuitive interface features GAME TIME COUNTING and STEP COUNT. After winning this game, your performance will be saved.

Related keywords: 15 puzzle game, puzzle, 15, game

WordOMatic - Word Search Game with elements of Puzzle
WordOMatic 1.3.2

 WordOMatic is a Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. Rearrange letters to form words which are replaced with fresh letters. As letters grow old, they change colour. Use all available letters before they they become void.

Related keywords: search, pocket, educational, windows, boggle, jumble, anagram, spelling, word, games, pc, ce, words, scrabble, bookworm, language, game

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